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Quick access to CHB's online store where you can buy and get access to the perfect fillet knife that will always be remembered.

Learn how CHB's fillet knives make the perfect award or gift for your employees or customers. Give the award or gift they will be proud of. 

See below..........

Learn more about CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC and the precision and quality we put into every fillet knife we hand craft.

If you have any questions regarding these fillet or hunt knives or about the process we put into every knife please contact us.


"The customized fillet knives from CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC got the best reaction of any gift we've ever given customers.  The craftsmanship and the fact they are made here locally made a great impression.  Paul was terrific to deal with!"
Steve Yaeger, Chief Marketing Officer

We gave the knife to my father in law (Steve K. ) last night and he absolutely loved it. He went fishing tonight and got to put it to good use.  Now my brother in law has put one of your knives on his birthday list for next year too! Thanks again, from a very happy customer.    Caitlin M. Kalamazoo, MI

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"Thank you for crafting the beautiful knives we ordered from you this summer as gifts for our important clients. Each one of the 30 knives was an exquisitely unique piece of art. We started to give these to our customer's and their reaction is incrediable. They have never received such a high quality item from any of the suppliers, and it's something they tell us will always be cherished. When these clients of ours are filleting a nice catch of walleye, or carving the Christmas ham or turkey with your beautiful knives, I honestly believe they will think fondly about their important relationship with our company"

Jeff Sisto, Ekman & Co Inc. Appleton WI

Thoroughly enjoyable, great experience. Ace on knife quality, craftsmanship and the salesmanship that ties it altogether. That last bit is lost in todays virtual marketplaces - but this is a product whose craftsmanship goes beyond a casual purchase. The product stands on its own as an exceptional knife, but the personal walkthrough of the creation process was great
Steve Hebert, Bayfront Arts Festival, Duluth, MN

“This is the best knife I’ve ever used.  The best blade and a great hand-fitting handle.  I own supposedly the best knives from Germany and they can’t match this one!  Paul convinced me that honing the knife each time I use it will prevent ever needing to aggressively sharpen it.  Best knife ever!

Monica K.

Mpls./St. Paul

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