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GET TO KNOW:    CHB Custom Fillet Knives ...............

Full SetLLC buhler adjusted final.jpg

"Be assured that with each fillet knife crafted, special attention is given to them from the selection of the wood stock to the final marine spar application & polishing".

It all started on a Minnesota deer opener when my son had his vehicle vandalized and all of his hunting equipment was stolen. Most importantly, a family heirloom, his grandfather's hunting knife was taken. It was priceless and we were saddened beyond belief. I researched and crafted a new knife for him to somehow take the place of his lost treasure. From that experience was born the development of the CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC. Each fillet knife crafted has something of the spirit and the meaning with that first hunting knife molded into it.


To this day, with each custom fillet knife crafted, I have found a love and appreciation for working with beautiful cuts of wood, hand crafting them into beautiful fishing fillet knives and continue the great success of creating treasures that every fisherman as well as non-fisherman will remember, as well as last them a lifetime.

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