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"Thoroughly enjoyable, great experience. Ace on knife quality, craftsmanship and the salesmanship that ties it altogether. That last bit is lost in today’s virtual marketplaces but this is a product whose craftsmanship goes beyond a casual purchase. The product stands on its own as an exceptional knife, but the personal walk through of the creation process was great."

Gary Herbert

Sioux Falls, SD

“I liked the fact that you guys are honest and know what you’re talking about.  I forgot to mention that I am a knife collector and this knife is going to be beautiful for display and for filleting fish.  The recipients in my company are equally excited.  Thanks.”


Steve Shipson

Toms River, NJ

"I just received in the mail, as a gift from my nephew Cody, one of your fillet knives (I also understand that he sent one to my son Daniel as well).  I’m writing to you to also say Thank You.  The knife is a beautiful piece of art.  The craftsmanship is far beyond superb.  The attention to detail and the quality of materials used in crafting the knife are indeed superior to anything I have ever seen.   As I told my nephew, I’m not sure if I should have it framed and displayed in my “fly tying room” as a piece of art or to use it as a tool to fillet future walleyes!  Either way, it is now a prized possession.  Thank you for your commitment  and dedication to quality.  Your work is truly impressive."

Dwight E.

Superior, WI

"These knives are the MOST BEAUTIFUL hand-crafted fillet knives I have ever owned or seen out on the market. I love all the varieties of wood used. What I love even more about these knives is that every knife has its own unique patern from the woods internal grain. I like them so much that I know have 6 of my own fillet knives (everyone a different type of wood) and I have even bought 2 now for my dad. He loves them so much now that he has a hard time using them to gut fish since he does not want to get them dirty. Guaranteed I will be getting more of these knives!!"  Thanks for making such a great fillet knife! 

Josh W., Virginia, MN

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