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 "As I am an avid fisherman, I was thrilled to receive one of your custom fillet knives as a birthday gift from my wife last year. I was a bit taken aback by the design, what with the double -sided blade and extra sharpened area at the tip - but after a year of use, I'm kicking out perfect walleye cheeks with that front edge, and saving my fillet edge by using the back edge for my gill cover cuts. I'm so impressed I've sent in an order for another knife to gift a good friend for his birthday. Thanks for such a beautiful, well-crafted and highly functional tool to enhance my fishing experience!"


Rick Anderson

CEO Fortune Bay Resort & Casino

"My boyfriend and I were at the Blueberry festival this summer, and my boyfriend fell in love with these knives! He bought one for his dad for Father's Day- which his dad absolutely loved! I want to get one for my boyfriend and I'd be getting the Honduran Mahogany-leech lake blade. I know they are all unique which makes them so awesome.  Thanks so much!"


Sabrina, Ely, MN

"The customized fillet knives from CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC got the best reaction of any gift we've ever given customers.  The craftsmanship and the fact they are made here locally made a great impression.  Paul was terrific to deal with!"
Steve Yaeger, Chief Marketing Officer

“CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC's knives are sleek and beautiful pieces of art. They are much more than knives. I bought one to put in my tackle box in my boat, but I was so taken by its appearance, I couldn’t bring myself to tuck it away. I keep it on my kitchen counter so all who come to my home can see it. The blades are sleek and fine. The wooden handles and sheaths show off the amazing beauty of the wood. I can only imagine the hours of hand labor it takes to shape, sand and finish these beauties. The wood grain, knots and texture of the wood is highlighted in admirable fashion. I have purchased more to give as Christmas gifts.”


Dr. Dan Patton DVM, Watkins, MN

"As a resort owner putting the CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC on the shelves has been amazing. Paul took the time to set up our logo on them and they have been a beautiful addition to the product line we carry. Beyond that I personally clean fish every day for guests, and I have both styles of blades. Over the last 2 years my knives are still as beautiful as the day Paul dropped them off to me. I enjoy the function of the knives as much as the conversations they start when people see them in action."


Ty Triebenback, Owner

Four Seasons Resort

Lake Winnibigoshish, MN

"My girlfriend bought a fillet knife from CHB Custom Fillet Knives for me for my birthday.  I have  fillet knife I've always been happy with and have used for a very long time.  Once I used my new knife, I knew my old one was not being used any more!  I've been putting the new knife to good use filleting walleyes and it is the smoothest knife and slides through the fish like a dream!  It's beautifully sharp and handles great."  Thanks!

Steve L.

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