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CHB Custom Fillet Knives   

Did you know that an employee's motivation and job satisfaction is improved drastically by corporate recognition? Or what will your supplier or customer say when you give them one of these?  Also consider as a gift for; groomsmen, closing gift for home buyers, credit unions, resorts, etc.  I work hard to provide you with an outstanding award/gift that your employees or customer/clients will be extremely proud of. Inspire your recipients with our one of a kind, handcrafted fillet knife and they will be amazed at your selection.  


Employee service awards are the most common form of recognition given in the workplace. Offering them one that is unique will inspire them beyond belief. My custom fillet knives will do just that.


I offer you the option of having your business logo or initials engraved on each knife set and will work with you and the engraver to have this knife stand out with your logo to always be remembered.

I offer discounts on the number of fillet knives purchased and will work with you to determine a fair discount to satisify your budget. You will be amazed at the quality put into each knife.

You let me know when you plan on offering this award/gift and I will work hard to always meet the deadline. Since these are hand crafted fillet knives, please contact me directly to discuss your time frame.



"The customized fillet knives from CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC got the best reaction of any gift we've ever given customers.  The craftsmanship and the fact they are made here locally made a great impression.  Paul was terrific to deal with!"


Steve Yaeger, Chief Marketing Officer


“CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC's knives are sleek and beautiful pieces of art. They are much more than knives. I bought one to put in my tackle box in my boat, but I was so taken by its appearance, I couldn’t bring myself to tuck it away. I keep it on my kitchen counter so all who come to my home can see it. The blades are sleek and fine. The wooden handles and sheaths show off the amazing beauty of the wood. I can only imagine the hours of hand labor it takes to shape, sand and finish these beauties. The wood grain, knots and texture of the wood is highlighted in admirable fashion. I have purchased more to give as Christmas gifts.”


Dr. Dan Patton DVM, Watkins, MN

"Thank you for crafting the beautiful knives we ordered from you this summer as gifts for our important clients. Each one of the 30 knives was an exquisitely unique piece of art. We started to give these to our customer's and their reaction is incrediable. They have never received such a high quality item from any of the suppliers, and it's something they tell us will always be cherished. When these clients of ours are filleting a nice catch of walleye, or carving the Christmas ham or turkey with your beautiful knives, I honestly believe they will think fondly about their important relationship with our company"

Jeff Sisto, Ekman & Co Inc. Appleton WI

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