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Evolution of Our Double Edge Blade.

For those who may have been on my site and read my ongoing discussion with my blade supplier, you may recall the issue I had had with the flexibility of the double edge blade and why a new single edge blade was created.  In the recent past, my supplier's designers have found a way to make the double edge blade more flexible at the same time maintain the integrity of its strength. 


So now I carry the "improved" 7 1/4" double edge moderately flexible blade (#1).  Also the 7 1/4" very flexible single edge blade (#2) At the same time, I continue to carry the 6 3/4" single edge "standard" blade (#3)


I'm excited to offer these options to my followers, past customers, and those of you with a critical eye for the flexibility of your fillet knife!  Let me add that I continue to get 100% satisfaction from my customers with the 440C Hardened Stainless Steel composition of the blades.  (See Testimonials).

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