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After some 14 months of conversation, measurements, planning, and testing with my supplier of knife blades (a replica of the famed Leech Lake Blade),  they have made a blade available to me that I think my customers will “fall in love” with!


This significant change in the blade I’ve been working the past 6+ years warrants an explanation.


From the outset of my construction of the CHB Custom Fillet Knife, I have had occasional prospective buyers raise concern about the flexibility of the blade.  As a fisherman of 50+ years in the Minnesota/Canadian Boundary Waters, Rainy Lake Chain, Lac Suel, Lake of the Woods and several trout streams in and around Duluth, MN, I continued to be equally concerned by that very issue raised by seasoned outdoorsmen.  Although the Leech Lake blade replica I had been selling was widely accepted, none the less, I wanted to satisfy any and all my customers.  Let me add that several of my customers fishing the Great Lakes seem to prefer the “stouter” (Leech Lake blade replica) blade when working with the larger salmon and lake trout.


So, what happened?  What’s the difference?  Putting it simply; in order to maintain the integrity of the cutting edge on the upper aspect of the “leech lake” replica, a minimum degree of thickness had to be in place to ensure the overall integrity of the blade.  In my opinion, that compromised the flexibility.  In order to establish the degree of flexibility I wanted there was a trade-off.  The well-known hook at the tip and the upper cutting edge had to be “sacrificed.”  So, this “new” blade now has the classic single edge but is still a 7 ¼ inch blade and the composition of the blade (440 C Hardened Stainless Steel) remains in place!


Solely for my purposes, I have affectionately named this new blade, the “Bald Rock Bay” blade.  You’re going to love it!

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