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Our custom hand crafted, distinctly unique fillet knives begin with the selection of a variety of wood stock including; our signature stock Eastern Red Cedar,  Black Walnut, Maple, Hickory, Douglas Fir, Red Elm, Butternut, Oak, and limited quantity of Osage Orange.  Only unique cuts of wood stock are hand selected. Click through some of the examples of our fillet knives below.  Drag cursor over image for details and click for larger image.   NOTE:  These are not the Leech Lake Knife but the blade is a replica of the Leech Lake "blade."

Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern Red Cedar is CHB Custom Fillet Knives, LLC signature knife. The array of changing color and grain even in the same piece of stock is simply amazing! It is not uncommon to find a light, blond/almond coloring on one end of the stock only to find marbling deep red/maroon coloring on the other end. When ordering, you can indicate a preference but it is simply impossible to replicate the same coloring and grain since no two are alike. This is a 7.25" heat treated hardened stainless steel

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